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La Toja Perfect Smile Plan

The programme begins with a consultation of maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic dentistry prior to the stay at the hotel. A visit will be arranged with a surgeon who will diagnose the patient and propose a treatment plan. The goal is for the patient to achieve a functional, harmonious and aesthetic smile during their stay.

Show the world your best smile

The oral and maxillofacial surgery interventions will be carried will be carried out in a hospital in the city of Vigo or Pontevedra, with hospital admission required in each case. The rest of the recovery will take place at the hotel with a daily doctor’s visit.
The plan includes:
  • Initial medical consultation and surgery budget
  • Transfers to the hospital
  • Daily doctor’s visit during the stay
  • Use of the facilities including the spa if compatible with the surgery
  • One aesthetic medicine treatment at Clínica La Toja worth €200 for the companion or for the patient if compatible with the surgery
  • Two sessions of post-surgical physiotherapy
  • Specific diet for recovery period
Requests for information
From XX Accommodation not included.
The price will vary depending on the type of room selected.
Requests for information
We place ourselves at the service of our clients offering the following services and treatments:
  • General medicine

    We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with years of experience dedicated to the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions.
  • Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery

    Our medicine and cosmetic surgery unit has renowned professionals specialising in all areas covered by aesthetic medicine, both facial and body.
  • Cosmetic dentistry

    We have a dental unit targeted at the oral health of our patients, as well as focusing on improving dental aesthetics to guarantee the best smiles.
  • Hair health

    We offer our patients the experience of a full medical team specialising in hair surgery, grafts and regenerative hair therapy.